The past, present and future

Dear gamers,

Today I write this letter with sadness. As many of you may or may not know the past of this community,, mostly known as OG:\\ officially shut down after a scandal in regards to stolen donation money. Marcos Silva then stepped in and acquired OG:\\. Silva partnered up with Yellow Dot and together re-branded OG:\\ into AG:\\ also know as They relaunched the game servers and were in the middle of releasing its new surf gear, which I must say, was optimized to bypass most if not all issues the current timer has had as well as offer new features.

As of last week (05/01/15), our web hosting has been accessed by someone who was able to wipe one of our databases. The forums. Marcos was in Boston while it happened. Dot locked as many backdoors as he possibly could. Silva was notified via text message by the owner of since he was not around nor logged into his steam account at that time. After that Silva and Dot had planned to put AG:\\ on lockdown mode and relaunch it with the new timer, forums, donation system all at once in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, the plan has changed yesterday (05/08/15) as Silva and Dot are parting ways.

Therefore, we would like to notify you that AG:\\ is currently being shut down. All the activities will be stopped indefinitely. Though, I'd like to point out there are many chances we may come back but as of now we have no dates for it. We'll be focusing in school, work, family and other activities. Perhaps, If in the future we find we have more time to put into AG:\\ you can bet we'll relaunch it. Marcos and Yellow would like to thank all the staff members, the players, the organizations/community as well as individuals who had interests in partnering up or acquiring AG:\\, even the haters for the support. The servers may be turned into Idle servers, where you can get your weekly drops - just for purpose of not losing IP addresess, in case we would decide to relunch.

As of now, farewell my friends and I hope we get together again someday! Thank you for being part of the AG:\\ Family.

- AG:\\ Management.

For any questions, please send us an email at:

UPDATE #1: Our KZ server and TeamSpeak will be kept up for now.